Sign up to our VIP Card Scheme before 30th April 2020 for a chance to win an iPad!

As part of our VIP Card Scheme, we run regular prize draws; which is just one of the perks of being an AUK VIP!  Currently, we have an extra special prize draw with a 32GB wi-fi iPad up for grabs.  But you’ve got to be in it to win it!  Still not convinced? Let us tell you a bit more about our VIP Card Scheme…

Alopecia UK is not a membership organisation; we don’t have a membership scheme to join and pay a fee for.  However, in lieu of that, we have set up a VIP Card Scheme.  The idea behind the name is that those who financially support the Charity are very important to us.  Quite simply, we wouldn’t exist without people giving financial support.

We need YOU!

We’re not a charity that appeals to the masses. We’re a bit special in that a lot, if not all, of our supporters are also the people that we help.  We rely on people affected by alopecia being fabulous with fundraising and donations.  Our VIP Card Scheme is simply an additional way for people to show their support to the charity, but you get a few perks included as well!

As we’ve already mentioned we run regular prize draws.  In addition to this, you also get access to the many discounts on offer to VIP Cardholders from the vast array of businesses listed in our Service Directory. Discounts on wigs, headwear, permanent makeup and more. This means that with the purchase of one wig you can often easily make back your VIP Card fee of just £20, making our VIP Card a scheme well worth signing up to!

Currently only 1% of Alopecia UK’s income comes from VIPs.  We’d really like to appeal to all of those who have been impacted by the charity and ask you to sign up to our VIP Card scheme.  The more people that sign up, the more we can develop it further for you.  Additional to this, we are obviously looking to create financial sustainability for the charity.  We can only do this with your support.  We like to think we’re a charity that gives bang for its buck!  For a small charity, we have an enormous amount of workstreams that we work on; supporting thousands of people every year, reaching millions with our awareness activities and, most recently, investing in research projects to work towards a cure.  We can only continue do all this with the support of the alopecia community.

Strength (and sustainability) in numbers!

Currently we have over 7000 people accessing our four Facebook groups on a regular basis for support.  We have over 14000 people following our social media content.  We have hundreds of people accessing our local support group network and events every year.  We’d like to appeal to every single one of you.  If Alopecia UK has helped you in some way, even in a small way, we ask you to return that help with some of your own.   Perhaps our Facebook Groups, that we work so hard to keep nice, safe spaces, have helped you? Or maybe some of our social media content has made you smile or allowed you to share insightful information with friends and family? Perhaps our local support groups helped you meet others who ‘just get it’ or one of our events helped to build your confidence?  However we might have helped you, please consider purchasing a VIP Card today to help us back.  The success of the charity is very much about ‘strength in numbers’ and the whole alopecia community pulling together to ensure we can keep striving forward, pushing for change and creating much needed resources and research. 

An investment in the future of Alopecia UK

We’ve achieved a huge amount in our 15 years but there is still SO MUCH to do. Our recent advancements in the area of research are extremely exciting.  Our new Research Manager is really starting to drive things forward, but, we can’t do it without you!  The charity needs regular financial support so we can sustain this level of activity on an ongoing basis.  With YOUR support, we can do just that.  The VIP Card Scheme isn’t just about prize draws and discounts on products.

It’s about ensuring no child cries themselves to sleep at night wishing that they had hair.

It’s about making sure people don’t keep themselves housebound because they don’t want people to see them.

It’s about increasing public awareness and reducing stigma.

It’s about providing scientists with the resources they need to carry out research and find these long-awaited answers that we so desperately need. 

It’s about ALL of this. 

If any of this is important to you, please make purchasing an AUK VIP Card one of your jobs to do today. It’s very important!

Buy your 2020 AUK VIP Card today