We caught up with one of our fabulous young fundraisers, Charlie Macinnes, who has raised hundreds of pounds for Alopecia UK with a sponsored head shave. 

Charlie, tell us what inspired you to shave your hair to raise funds for Alopecia UK

I was inspired by my mum as she has alopecia. She was diagnosed with Alopecia Universalis almost 6 years ago.

What did your mum think about you raising money with a head shave?

At the start my mum thought I was joking about it, as it is such a big thing, but having told her about 100 times that I wanted to do it I could tell she was very proud and then I knew I could do it. 

How did Alopecia UK help your mum when she lost her hair?

The charity helped my mum massively in the early days when she was losing her hair and felt pretty sad. Alopecia UK helped her so much emotionally to the point that she was happy and confident again. 

What do you think of your new cropped style? 

It has already grown back a lot and it actually suits me. 

How do you feel about the amount you have raised for Alopecia UK?

I feel like I’ve done something amazing because I’ve raised over so much money, I never thought I would hit £500! I hope the money will help the charity carry on and help lots more people struggling with hair loss and research into why people lose their hair. I hope one day they will find a cure so that nobody else has to go through it. 

Thank you Charlie! You're a star! Charlie's Justgiving page is still open if anyone would like to drop a donation to support his efforts. 

Click here to visit Charlie's fundraising page