Help us fund free tickets for children and young people!

Every year we host our big trip to Alton Towers.  Over 300 people attended our visit to the theme park in April 2018. We've opened this appeal for those who wish to donate and help us continue with this event in 2020. Whilst we sell tickets to the event it does not actually cover the total cost of the event to Alopecia UK.  In 2018 we have been very lucky to have been granted some funding from a company called Avast, after an employee who had attended the event recommended Alopecia UK to receive some funding.  We plan to use this funding to cover the cost of free tickets for children with alopecia, as well as room hire and some volunteer costs. However we do need funds in order to continue running this event each year.  So please help us with the event costs for 2020 and donate what you can today.

This trip allows those with alopecia to meet others, share, connect and simply have fun surrounded by a community of people who get what they are going through. Often those with alopecia avoid going to theme parks, to avoid any issues of wigs or headwear coming off on rides. By facilitating this trip we allow both children and adults to feel supported, to forget about any worries and have a good time! 

What will your money be paying for?

  • The cost of tickets for children and young people under the age of 18 with alopecia.
  • Subsidising t-shirt costs to help make it easier for those with alopecia to kit out their whole group. Everyone being in blue is such a crucial part of the event, visually providing that supportive atmosphere in the park as well as raising awareness to the general public.
  • As well as subsidising t-shirt costs we cover the postage costs of sending out all the merchandise to attendees (because we can no longer fit it in the car!). Again we try to cover these little things to help bring the overall cost down for attendees.  People travel in from all over the UK to get themselves or their child to this event so that they can experience it and feel the benefit.  We appreciate that the cost of a trip like this to families can be quite large, even more so when we are requesting that they wear specific clothing.  So we try to do what we can, even if just in small ways, to try and make it easier for people financially.
  • Alopecia UK staff time to organise the event.
  • We have a fantastic volunteer team who we part cover some expenses for. Whilst the volunteers have a great day out, we still put them to work and they don’t necessarily get to do and go on the rides that they would actually want to as they need to help with the facilitation and support the groups! 
  • Smiling faces 😊
  • A reduction in feelings of isolation
  • Creation of long-lasting supportive friendships and sense of community
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem, strength and empowerment

If you don’t believe us watch our video below or check out the many, many photos on our Flickr account

Whether you have attended the event and know of the positive impact it has, are attending the event and want to help others come along, or are simply someone who likes the sound of the event and the feelgood vibes it puts out in to the alopecia community and world generally, please consider supporting this event so that we can continue running it in 2020; helping to improve the lives of those with alopecia.

Thank you.